Knowledge Gateway & Data Repository

Creating a Knowledge Gateway and Data Repository

Remarkably, even though grapes have been grown and wine made for thousands of years, there is still much to learn. This is particularly true in the Southwest, where the industry is very young. The center will build and make available a knowledge base that will advance best viticulture and enology practices throughout the desert southwest.

Evaluation of Agricultural Practices

Yavapai College is committed to the thoughtful evaluation of agricultural practices as they apply to the Verde Valley ecosystem. Studies related to water use and conservation, identification of drought-tolerant wine grape species, and crop management to reduce water loss will add to the body of knowledge regarding arid region farming.

Best Practices for Arizona Growers

The Southwest Wine Center will be the knowledge gateway and data repository that will make new information, as well as historical data, about Arizona land, soil, water use, plant varietals, and arid region best practices accessible to the public. Information will be shared with students, wine growers and the interested public through accredited coursework, growers’ symposiums, and public presentations.

Data Repository

A Data Repository will make historical facts about Arizona land, soil and water use, as well as new information about grape growing in the desert Southwest accessible to the public.

Knowledge Gateway

The Knowledge Gateway will provide a portal to research, articles, books, videos and websites in digital format, as well as to archived information.