Business Partnerships and Linkages

Creating Business Partnerships and Linkages

Wine represents a new core industry in Arizona, most notably in the Verde Valley region of Yavapai County. In an area that has had a depressed economic outlook for decades, the Verde Valley wine industry holds the promise of significant and sustainable growth.

In 2009/2010, just three years after the first commercial winery began operating in the region, there were 17 vineyards, 13 wineries and 10 tasting rooms and the total of all economic activity in Arizona related to Verde Valley wine was estimated to be $25 million. Since that time the industry has experienced phenomenal growth. In 2009 there were 78 acres in production. A little over a year later, the acreage had grown to approximately 150 acres. The expectation is that the acreage will again double in less than two years.

As vineyards and wineries develop, so will other ancillary businesses involved in packaging, marketing, storing, selling and shipping wine. In addition, significant economic impact will occur as a result of increases in wine-related tourism. It is clear that the wine industry has the potential to create diverse business opportunities that will generate new jobs providing numerous opportunities for local employment to Verde Valley residents.


Facilitating linkages by:

  • Serving as clearinghouse for linking new businesses to the resources needed for success.
  • Providing the mechanism to allow newcomers to enter the industry and make connections with local producers.
  • Creating opportunities for industry collaboration and information sharing that supports the economic development of the wine industry in the Verde Valley.