• Training Tomorrow’s Vintners

    As the only college in the southwest USA offering degree programs in Viticulture and Enology, YC will be a centerpiece for teaching and learning programs for the region’s wine industry.

  • Cultivating Success in Arizona

    Arizona is a new frontier for wine makers. Known for its rich and traditional farming heritage, the Verde Valley has rapidly become the center of Arizona’s emerging wine industry.

  • Rural Economic Development

    Arizona's wine industry is pouring millions of dollars into the state's economy providing a tremendous boost to local hotels, restaurants, shops, tour operators and other businesses.

  • Best Environmental Practices

    The growing wine industry in AZ provides ideal conditions for the Southwest Wine Center to demonstrate & promote practices that are environmentally sound and resource conserving.


From Vineyard to Bottle: The Southwest Wine Center

The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College is a premier wine industry and community resource, offering a comprehensive hands-on education from vineyard-to-bottle with programs in enology, viticulture and business/entrepreneurship through its estate vineyard, teaching winery, fully-operational tasting room and region-wide wine industry research epicenter.

The Five Core Elements

The Southwest Wine Center, on the Verde Valley campus in Clarkdale, AZ, will be the premier academic center supporting wine growers throughout the southwest US. The Center will serve as a hub of education, research and rural economic development activity designed to support a young viticulture industry in achieving its potential as a significant US wine producing region.

Academic Programs in Viticulture and Enology

Viticulture & Enology Degree

Enology Certificate

Viticulture Certificate

Help Us Grow

There are a variety of opportunities for involvement with and giving to the Southwest Wine Center. Naming opportunities in the winery begin at $10,000, as well as a full menu of funding alternatives and financial partnerships.

Contact the Yavapai College Foundation for more info:.

Paul Kirchgraber
Prescott, 928.717.7773